Note Seller Testimonials

J. Wallace,

Trenton, NJ

“After receiving note payments for a number of years, I found that I needed to cash out quickly. After haggling with other firms for weeks, I stumbled upon Columbia Capital, and I had cash in my hand within days.”

P. Simmons,

Hartford, CT
“No firm wanted to buy my note. It was backed by unconventional real estate, and had a pretty low interest rate. However, Columbia Capital stepped up and purchased my mortgage without any haggling or debate.”

T. Johnson,

Chicago, IL
“The seller-financed mortgage I had been holding for years was complex and involved tons of paperwork. But by working through e-mail, phone, fax, and FedEx, I was able to sell my note to Columbia Capital without ever even meeting them in person.”

W. Kessel,

Buffalo, NY

"I had a unique scenario where I held an interest-bearing note that I didn't want to unload. I contacted a number of firms about the possibility of getting cash while holding on to the note, but without success. Finally, I came across Columbia Capital. Their friendly representatives, quick response, and professional service got me cash the same week I made the first call!"

G. Craigs,

Concord, NH

“Although Columbia Capital is headquartered in New York City, it still bought my note in New Hampshire, from hundreds of miles away. I never had to leave my home for the deal to happen. The most convenient business transaction I have ever experienced!”

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